Our approach to developing highly complex systems crucially involves the integration of disparate systems and includes the necessary change management experience required.


Systems Integration

From financial systems such as Technology One, ERP systems like JD Edwards, SAP, and Oracle eBusiness, to payment gateways, data warehouses, and telecommunications providers to Registrars, our approach to integration is considered and our implementations robust.

Technologies include Web Services (SOAP), restful services, FTP-based services, and custom APIs built in XML including implementations of specific APIs governed by RFCs. In select high performance settings these integrations have been tested to exceed 20 million transactions per second. In all instances appropriate security controls and guards are implemented. Project examples of critical system integrations, include the following.

FMIS & Banking integration (Technology One):

A fully automated end-to-end finance and payments processing system was developed for both the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Clean Energy Regulator, with integrations to major banks and client FMIS. The REC Registry system processes more than 4 billion dollars of Renewable Energy Certificates annually, offering EFT, BPay and Credit Card processing facilities. A tight integration between Technology One and the major banks was designed to provide a seamless and automated payments processing and accounting facility that significantly streamlines operations. No manual processing is required with automatic settling of invoices and reconciliations.

Data Warehouse:

A bespoke method was developed to integrate and make available the vast amount of data within the REC Registry system, while also meeting and maintaining the security requirements of the Australian Government and our ISO 27001:2006 ISMS implementation. Our solution ensures that our customer’s data warehouse has access to the data required to support their internal business processes with no impact to the REC Registry solution.

Numbering integration (telecommunication industry and carriage service providers):

With tight integrations to all Australian telecommunications providers we have taken an organisational change driven approach with strong industry collaboration, for the Numbering system project. This demonstrates our experience with multi-party systems integration (further demonstrated by our international Registrar integrations) and commitment to the overall success of our clients’ initiatives.

The telecommunications industry has been involved from project kick-off, remaining engaged in solution showcases, and is an integral component of our user acceptance testing. Telecommunications providers were given 5 months to perform integration testing, significantly de-risking the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s timeline for implementation, demonstrating our deep experience in the area.

Financial Services Integration

Building and operating full end-to-end solutions often involves more than IT services. It can extend to the collection and transfer of monies, monitoring and investigations support for non-compliance and fraud, to reconciliation. This removes the burden of maintaining an internal financial capability and the associated processes and practice overheads.

We have proven experience in devising full end-to-end solutions in complicated problem domains that underpin critical Australian infrastructure and in the case of the REC Registry, processing more than 4 billion dollars in certificate transfers annually.