ZOAK Solutions switches on Australia’s new numbering system

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ZOAK Solutions is proud to announce that on 3 August 2015 it switched on the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) automated numbering allocation and administration system, beginning a new era in Australia’s communications numbering with a more efficient delivery of telephone numbering services.

Chris Chapman, the ACMA Chairman, said ‘The outsourcing by the ACMA of its numbering allocation and administration function is the centerpiece of the ACMA’s continuing reform of Australia’s telecommunications numbering arrangements.’ ‘I congratulate ZOAK on the delivery of this world-class numbering system and thank industry participants for the great support they provided over a difficult transitional period.’

The early feedback to the ACMA from several industry participants is that the new system provides an outstanding customer experience because it is an intuitive system that is simple to use. A key benefit to businesses is that the new system makes purchasing and trading  smartnumbers significantly easier and faster as smartnumbers can now be purchased through the system without needing to wait for the ACMA’s periodic auctions.

For further information on the ACMA’s release of its new numbering system, see Numbers stack up for ZOAK.

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