Automated Testing

We have been implementing robust and maintainable Selenium-based automated solutions for many years. Automated testing ensures high quality products with reduced manual testing and maintenance costs. Our experts will improve your testing approach and deliver a measurable ROI.


Our proven automated testing framework can be applied to any web application technology. This framework is designed to augment and support manual testing efforts, considerably reducing the risk of software failure and stress on manual test teams. The framework was developed and refined while delivering multiple large-scale and complex online systems. We have delivered these systems to production with no critical or blocker defects.

Automated testing has long been considered expensive and difficult to implement, however our Test Automation Framework is based on the open source Selenium WebDriver API, which is affordable for small teams and yet powerful enough that we use it on multi-million dollar projects for respected Australian organisations such as the Clean Energy Regulator and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Our Test Automation Service offers the following benefits:

  • An Automation Framework that can be integrated with your existing Continuous Integration (CI) environment, which ensures that every change is tested for regression impacts (if you don’t have a CI environment we can help).
  • Experienced Technical Test Analysts with a proven track record of implementing test automation in several major projects.
  • Automated tests that assure critical software functions in most web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Automatic Test Automation Reports that are clear and comprehensive, showing the results of every test execution failure.
  • Test reports are generated automatically, allowing more time for fixing and less time documenting.
  • Tests can be run automatically against different operating environments.
  • Deeper and more detailed tests occur automatically.
  • Real world conditions can be simulated with simultaneous virtual users.
  • Thousands of complex test cases can be executed during every test run (impossible without automated testing).


  • Save time and resources: Schedule tests to run nightly and produce test reports automatically – more time fixing, less time documenting.
  • Run tests automatically against different operating environments.
  • Run deeper and more detailed tests automatically.
  • Simulate real world conditions with simultaneous virtual users.
  • Easily execute thousands of complex test cases during every test run (such comprehensive coverage is impossible without automated testing).
  • Automated testing gives your manual test teams more time to spend on the newest areas of your application, rather than hunting for regressions.
  • A team producing quality results is a happier team, which helps productivity and retention.