Services Scope

The scope of the redesigned REC Registry involved in depth analysis of process flows, developing a new online application, acquiring and configuring hardware, transitioning from the previous REC Registry (including all historic and current certificate information and account details), maintenance and support for the application including provision of support to end-users and the CER. As well, continued application development on an ongoing basis including maintenance with respect to legislative changes. ZOAK Solutions also provides fee collection and bookkeeping services for the REC Registry.

Business Solution

A complete replacement of original system as well as additional functionality was undertaken. Redesign of the business processes occurred using process modelling to re-engineer for key processes such as surrender (both quarterly and annual) and power stations. New functionality included partial exemption certificates, FMIS integration (to incorporate a bookkeeping function) and proof of identity system integration. From a non-functional solution perspective, system features such as W3C accessibility, security and performance were all integrated.

Technical Solution

The technical solution incorporated scale-able infrastructure and proven technologies (Oracle, IBM and F5). The architecture followed a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm (SOA design encourages good programming and enables things to be worked on separately) and used CQR & Event Sourcing Architecture patterns. These patterns promote a highly modular, decoupled system that brings the following benefits: scale-ability, flexibility and ease of integration.

The decoupled nature of the design was simple, and being simple it reduced risk and complexity.